Electronic Waste Management Solutions

Metech helps enterprises, manufacturers and local communities conserve Earth’s resources by providing solutions to extend the life of all electronics.

In Singapore, Metech Recycling is a leading e-waste management solution provider that combines electronic recycling and precious metals recovery capabilities. Our comprehensive services range from the preliminary stages of e-waste collection to the trading of the recovered precious metals.

Solutions by Industry Type
Semiconductor Industry
Manufacturers such as wafer fabrication plants and electronic component assemblies constantly produce a wide range of wastes in large volumes.
Connectors, Smart-Modules and PCB Manufacturing and Plating Service Providers
PCB manufacturers, Stamping, Chemical Plating and Lamination service providers generate significant quantities of e-waste in a variety of forms.
Service Providers – Telecommunications and Logistics
The exponential increase in IT consumption by large enterprises and the info-communication industry is generating much of today’s e-waste.